Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Guilty as charged: neglect in the 1st degree

Wow. I have severely neglected this blog. This blog is my blog, my personal thoughts and life blog. You won't find any advertisements. There will be no discussing of what's going on in the news unless I am directly affected. This is the place where I can come and be me. I want to use this space on the net to express myself in the most honest way I can, to feel free to say what I want and need to say! I'm a bit disappointed that I have not utilized this platform more. Well, things they are a'changing!

There has been so much going on the past few months, crazy busy schedules and events pulling me to and fro. Momma was in the hospital. I will write more on that in another post. I haven't been to church for a Sunday morning service in 2 months or more; this does not make me happy. It only adds to my stress because I feel less 'in touch' that I feel when I am around my church family and fellowshipping and singing out loud some praises. Not lost at all, just not in my favorite comfort zone. And with me, when my spiritual life is feeling off, it directly affects all other aspects of my life.

In future posts, I plan to write about alot of things that have been going on lately. Here's a list of topics to watch out for:
  • Reuniting with old friends through Facebook
  • Momma being in the hospital
  • My friend Jen's illnesses
  • My new/old relationship with a friend, Kim
  • My special friendship with Jenn (different one, pay attention to spelling or you will get confused LOL)
  • My continued haunting/mourning of an unrequited 'love' and what I've learned from the experience
  • A new friend, Darlene
  • Taking pictures while driving
  • Taking notes while driving (do you see a trend starting?)
  • Upcoming bible study: Running nowhere in every direction
  • A revelation about being crucified with Christ daily
  • My OCD issues
  • Free will is very expensive
  • There's more to losing weight than just weight loss
  • A new perspective on the oldest thorn, the sin nature
  • Finances
  • Sitcoms are my never ending books, that's not good
  • Annoyed with being ignored-no call backs, no re-emails
These are just a few of the things floating around in my head that I want to blog here about. The list will grow as things come to mind. Please come back to visit, please comment, let me know you are alive and reading this and want to interact with me. Thanks for reading today, have a great afternoon!

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