Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Lord's Table - Setting Captives Free

Today I'm about 2 weeks into a new eating plan and accompanying bible study. So far it has been great learning how to glorify the Lord with my eating and changing my eating has brought about changes in other areas of my life as well.

Physically: After even the first week, I felt amazing and am feeling better every day! My clothes already fit more loosely and I can move around much easier. At first, my body was not used to a smaller intake and continued to make alot of acid. It's amazing how quickly your body adapts to new habits! I watch 'The Biggest Loser' and I hear people talk about how in just a couple of weeks of eating better and getting active, they are able to come off of medications. Now I can see first hand how that could be true. I do need to increase my activity, I have the treadmill all set to get started! My goal was to get up early each day and do my bible study and then walk before getting a shower and going to work. Well, pray for me because I have a hard enough time getting up for work on time much less early!!

Spiritually: I have been pleased so far with the bible study portion which is an online course on the Setting Captives Free website. I love that this help is online and free for everyone to have access to. It is offered in many languages and in many parts of the world. They also have online courses that deal with many other issues than just overeating. There are other eating disorders, gambling, substance abuse, sexual issues as well as bible studies of other kinds and lots of resources too.

Phase 1 of the course called 'The Lord's Table' is a 60 day study. There are lessons you read and respond to for each day and they suggest you adopt 1 of the 2 suggested eating plans. Adopting the eating plan I chose was honestly very easy to do. In a 7 day week, you get (2) normal days (without overeating), (2) 1/2 days, (2) liquid days (with 1 light meal) and (1) day or really, 24 hour period of fasting. So from after dinner the night before, just water until 24 hours, then a light meal. You can arrange the days any way you need to in the week, as long as you don't put 2 of the same days in a row. I sat down with calender and arranged my days on a fixed schedule that seems to be working out great!

I was extremely worried about the first day of fasting, especially considering my overly acid-y issue of last week, but it went just fine! I used the time to take the focus off of food and direct my attention and desire toward God. It was a really great day! I'm reading a book by John Piper called A Hunger for God-Desiring God Through Fasting and Prayer. You can read it as a PDF file online if you like. So far it has been a great resource for discovering why fasting is biblical and all the ways it can benefit your life. I like this eating plan because I get something different to do every day. It keeps me on my toes and makes me feel a little different every day. The eating plan allows me to feel more intentional than 'just watching what I eat'. The only days I have to plan anything special for are the liquids days. I just need to make sure I have some broths and other acceptable liquids around me so I am not tempted to stray. You still get to eat something everyday, even 'the day of fasting' since you consider the evening before as part of the 24 hour period! It's working for me, I feel in control and more importantly, I feel like I am walking towards God and not out here on my own trying to struggle to lose the weight. God is our hope and our helper, He wants us to be healthy, He will provide strength when I need it. I will post more of my progress as I go along. I have no idea how much weight I've lost since my scale still says 'E' (which means I'm too heavy for it!) But honestly, I don't care about pounds, I don't care about inches...God will take care of all those numbers, I'm just concerned with staying on a healthy track. Once I am fully adapted to the eating plan, I will begin to incorporate more movement and exercise into my day. I'm slowly getting there, keep me in your prayers, I will keep you in mine!

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